Nov 11

Fred Koch – Google Review 5 Stars

“We have a commercial Speed Queen washer in our home. We are located in Central Oregon. The control board failed on a Saturday afternoon. We contacted Coin Meter in 3 ways; 1. By phone message to the service dept. 2. By email to the service dept. listed address given on the website. 3. Completed a form on the Coin Meter website requesting a service call. In each point of contact, we were able to communicate the error code reading indicated on the machine. Early Monday morning, we were notified by an email from Coin Meter Service Dept. that they do not have direct service in Central Oregon. However, they gave us a person and a contact that they recommended to service our down unit. We called Rob, in Redmond, and even though he was heavily booked, he was able to secure a new control board from Coin Meter, and it was supplied under warranty. Wonderful! The board was expressed to Rob in Redmond. Rob came to our home in Bend, well after hours, and repaired out machine. It was a perfect ending to a worrisome event. We are grateful to Rob for his wonderful service principle and his good workmanship. We are also grateful to Coin Meter for handling the service request in a​ friendly, efficient and responsible manner. We are very pleased with the outcome. Thank you.”

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