Sep 10

Kerri L – Yelp Review 5 Stars

“I’m sorry to see the low-rated reviews and also sorry these other Yelpers have had problems with Coin Meter.  I’ve been fortunate and have received excellent service from them over the last several years.  Most recently, I had several new residents moving in and the leasing office was a little discombobulated due to the fact the regular property manager had to have emergency hospitalization and had run out of the reloadable cards.  I called the Coin Meter office and asked their excellent customer service representative if they could send out one of their techs to drop off several of the cards and instructional brochures.  The next morning they dropped off the cards and brochures just before the move-in festival began.  Talk about relief and being able to remain a competent manager.

Coin Meter supplies washing machines and dryers under contract to apartment properties.  The properties under contract to Coin Meter through the property management company I work for probably waver right around 75%.  I see all the of the options at the different properties: strictly quarters, reloadable cards, and the best of all are the ones that use one’s own debit card or credit card.  If there is a problem with one of the machines, we can just call Coin Meter and give them the machine’s info (prominently displayed on the ID tags on each machine) so they can make whatever repairs are needed.  Both management and residents are welcome to call to ask for service, and that’s excellent because on a crazy-busy day even a moment’s worth of help, such as a resident making the service call, can bring down a management staff member’s blood pressure.  There are procedures in place to help get money refunded if there’s a glitch in the process.  As I mentioned above, their customer service staff is stellar, and their repair techs I have found to be equally friendly and professional.

Since so many of us live in apartments now and also are into clean clothes, I do recommend Coin Meter.  They’ve been great to work with so far, and unless something drastic happens, I can’t see that changing any time soon.”

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